Joensuu City Center Development Association

City Centre Awards 2009

Erkki Nordström, YIT Oyj

District manager Erkki Nordström: Shopping Center and actually the whole Anttila block with the parking hall was given, after long preparation, to the second award receiver of the year, to carry out. He had the task literaly with all the troubles and dreams. The task has required twining skills as well as acrobatic skills, because the project was executed in the middle of a working business premises, which has required a lot of courage, skill and nerves of steel. He has carried out the building of Torihelmi - living and business estate next to market square in the central alley, which has started the building of business estates.

Award 2009

Sakari Panhelainen, Kiinteistökehitys Laakkonen Oy

CEO Sakari Panhelainen: Third, there is a person, who's actions in developing of the city center has have significant effect in making possible the planning of the pedestrian zone by creating so called concentrated parking system in 1980'ies. Ever since the significance of this person in building estates and building projects in the city center has been major. Shopping mall Centrum, which has been now finished, has area of 11 300 m2 (121 632sq ft) and it holds 15 business premises starting from Clas Ohlson to Sampo Bank and from S-Market to Eurokangas. Value of the project is over 18 million euros. You can add equally extensive tasks in the block of IsoMyy, Cumulus hotel on Siltakatu and significant cultural act in pharmacist Olson's house and many others to his list of merits.

Award 2009

Leo Silvennoinen, Kesko Oyj

Trading center director Leo Silvennoinen: Shopping Center of Joensuu is in progress. Already we can see the major changes in Anttila block. There will be 26 stores all together in the shopping mall. The aisle continues on the second floor, forward from the bridge of IsoMyy. 17 000 m2 (182 987sq ft) has been build and renovated with new and renewed business premises. Value of the project is 31 million euros. Combining of the current buildings and many agents to Joensuu and to three Kesko trading centers K-supermarket, Anttila and K-kenkä has required years of preparation and belief and ability to create trust for the whole team. To create cooperation takes skillful and calm character.

Award 2009

Images from the prize ceremony