Joensuu City Center Development Association

City Centre Awards 2010

Juha Kivelä

Latest building project of Joensuu City Centre in the corner of the marketplace has been made. At innovation of Vaakuna city block, City Centre got a reformed department store, a grocery shop, an extended hotel, seven restaurants and a little more spaces for cars at the parking garage. The project costed 15 millions euros and got 30 new jobs. Vaakuna city block employs c. 200 persons.

The person who was awarded, is reliable, made himself familiar with his things and you can approach him easily. It is hard to find out a better partner in cooperation. Diverse and long-span work for Joensuu City Centre brings an award for the present leader of PKO.

Award tablet of year 2010

Jukka-Pekka Pesonen

Last summer there was opened an untraditional sport restaurant on the Joensuu pedestrian street. The nontraditional sport restaurant has been divided into two layers and several areas. Bar Play seems to fit into the milieu of the City Centre. The person who was awarded is kind and hardworking.

Award tablet of year 2010

Ari Juhani Tolvanen

What would a city be without green areas and gardens. The City Centre's significant lay-bys are part of these oases. Plantings of flower and green areas carried out carefully, increase satisfaction in the City Centre. The person who was awarded is reliable, listening and honouring.

Award tablet of year 2010

Images from the prize ceremony