Joensuu City Center Development Association

City Centre Awards 2011

Pirkko Päivänurmi

The first award winner was only ten years old when she was selling ice cream with her mother at the market square. Since then she was swept by market business! - side by side with her husband she has served persons from Joensuu since the year of 1961! At the beginning there were balloons and other things of Labor Day, after that there were flowers and plants, and later there have been mainly fruits, vegetables and berries. She has a lot of experience about market business: 50 years, from this 30 years at the market cafeteria.

Year 2011 award tablet

Jari Päivänurmi and Jussi Päivänurmi

The next two award winners deal very positively with the developing of the city centre. They are points of light at the market cafeteria. Everybody is at the same level: there is no differences between bank managers and usual workers. Customers of these brother's market cafeteria are like a miniature-size nation. The brothers are always kind and happy.

Year 2011 award tablet

Ilona Tossavainen and Jaana Korhonen

There is no need to introduce the next two award winners. Martha-cafeteria has been in Joensuu since 1974. The workshop of pie was added there in 1992. Children can also participate in the activity of Martha-cafeteria: The school of Karelian pasty and plain coffee bread.

Year 2011 award tablet

Images from the prize ceremony