Joensuu City Center Development Association

City Centre Awards 2013

Jarmo Tihmala

Joensuu city centre generic plan concerning traffic plan is exceptional large and deal with traffic and streetweb its many perspectives understandably and thoroughly. Traffic engineer Jarmo Tihmala in Joensuu city centre traffic plan is excellent and comprehensive. Streetweb, bikepathweb and in growing pedestrian-centres, yardstreets and particularly many grid street plan traffic circles is centre of plan making.

Jarmo Tihmala make his work own master’s thesis, little sign and traffic many fields determinedly and demonstrate consider. The traffic plan demonstrate its manys photos, observe drawings and map materials.

Award 2013

Pekka Piiparinen

Joensuu city centre part generic plan conrcening Pekka Piipparinen is doing valuable and comprehensive report culture- and structure history in buildings. Reports targets was national, region, localised precious singular buildings. Targets was hundreds and works look therefor founded steering group. Singular buildings was 360 pcs and setting target 320. Outside staying in report past 800 targets is also about worker own appraisal.

Pekka Piippari execute large work consistently, clearly and beautifully. All targets photograph, except air pictures, was his taken. Report job was also Pekka Piipari thesis.

Award 2013

Images from the prize ceremony