Joensuu City Center Development Association

City Centre Awards 2014

Esko Mononen

It is our turn to bring the tower cranes to the city centre! Centre must be preserved alive! This is a clear and determined statement by the awarded person. The significance of OP Bank Group in city centre developement cannot be over estimated. OP Bank Group has been significant owener of real estate and involved in developing the city centre in many ways. By his actions and forward moving attitude he has created an atmosphere of trust. When everyone puts their two cents the result is more than the sum of it's parts.

Award 2014

Tarmo Stjerna

The next person to be awarded has also launched a project which hasn't been executed yet. He has accomplished a collective will, that is worthy of the award by itself. Building the market square area will give unusually valuable growth burst and will rejuvenate the entire city centre as well as business and the attractiveness of Joensuu. Not to mention what the market square will give us all, living in Joensuu, when it is finished.

The project opens the knots, which have been hindering developement of the market square for years. Some people said its time has come and gone. It didn't happen. Building of the market square is about to begin by unexpected party. This is like a present to us, out of nowhere. The person to be awarded has iniatively helped the cause and has assured his own team to begin building in Joensuu!

Award 2014

Images from the prize ceremony