Joensuu City Center Development Association

City Centre Awards 2016

CEO, Commercial Counsellor, Pertti Korhonen

This time the award could also be a lifetime achievement award.

So significantly has the award winner influenced the support for employment and enterprise in Joensuu and North-Karelia throughout decades. The biggest portion has been as the owner of Kiitoautot and as the developer of the operations.

After the company Kiitoautot was sold in the year 2012, Joensuu received a new developer for the city center and this has been a benefit for the city. The southern part of the city center invited to start from there. With the contribution of the awarded, the car park of the pedestrian street got a new life. Now the building was advanced with two new floors and was also renovated as an office of the health sector. The car park building received new owners and a new possibility.

The prizewinner's devotion for domicile shows in many ways. Local forces are employed for projects and now especially in the construction industry. This kind of activity is quite rare in general, but to him it is a primary starting point.

As a person, the prizewinner is modest, memorable, humble and warm-hearted. The president of the republic granted him the title of Commercial Counsellor in 2015.

Vuoden 2016 palkintolaatta 1

Real estate / Investment manager Esko Torssonen

Places are designed together! This kind of tight partnership -way of thinking is a characteristic of the second prizewinner this year. The supplement constructions of the car park building at the pedestrian street expresses this outstandingly.

Properties have already been acquired for the next, increasingly significant city center constructions and naturally from the southside of the market place of Joensuu. The properties at both sides of the pedestrian street act as a long-term vision of development in the city center.

He bravely sticked to challenging objectives such as the acquisition, expanding and renovating of Ykkös-Paikoitus in Joensuu. These actions have also brought other public services like the mail logistics center in Käpykangas.

The city center has received a hard-working and a skillful real estate worker, who in his mindset has more and more space for other people and the understanding of our environment. We will hear a lot about this versatile know-how in the city center. This award winner is a well-known, conscientious and reliable business partner of the award winner mentioned previously.

Vuoden 2016 palkintolaatta 2

Images from the award ceremony