Joensuu City Center Development Association

City artwork 2014

ToriBuddha (Market Square Buddha)

Patrik Eronen

Location: In front of Bar Play, next to red cabin

ToriBuddha teksti

Graphically well designed, a bit surprising character. Colourful, humoristic and sympathetic friend of the market and its users.

Electric orange/Sähköinen appelsiini

Laila Nieminen

Location: At the edge of market square, in the corner of Siltakatu, next to "flying rabbit"

Electric orange/Sähköinen appelsiini

A colourful and a refreshing character, funny and most likely kids love it. Surprises for its powerfulness and presence.

Kalat markkinoilla (Fishes at the Market square)

Niina Javanainen

Location: In the middle of the Market square.

Kalat markkinoilla

Fits in the middle of the market, might predict a fountain. You can almost hear the movement and the splashing of the fishes.