Joensuu City Center Development Association

Follow the Log Drive in Joensuu City Center!

Tukkinuittoa kanavassa 1980-luku

Image: North Karelian Museum

Log driving is a centuries-old national tradition in our country. It is a tradition we can enjoy to this day in Joensuu. Joensuu is the only city center in Finland where you can see traditional timber rafts float down the river. The waterway used for the log drive is naturally the Pielisjoki River which runs through the city.

You can follow the log drive along the Pielisjoki river banks; all the way from the Railway Bridge to the Ylisoutaja Bridge.

The waterway transport company Laakkonen is in charge of the log drives in Joensuu, and several log drives will take place during the summer of 2017.

Uitto group is on a break and come back to social media in the spring of 2018.

You can read about the history of log driving here:


Log driving photos 2015

Log driving photos 2016