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Joensuun City Center Development Association was founded by the private businesses, real estate owners and the City of Joensuu. The purpose of the association is to help to develop the city center of Joensuu. Our goal is to develop the core center of Joensuu to be vibrant and living East Finnish city center for living and commercial services.

Need for the Assiciation became apparent after the structural change. Due the building of drive-in markets, developing of the city center became necessary and common will to actualise modern pedestrian zone was found. The collective will has risen throught the City Center Development Association into achievements and has been proved to be essential. Estates giving their contribution for Christmas lighting, heating of the street as well as possible market square parking is exemplary.

Vibrant, beautiful and working city center creates satisfactory and positive appearance as well as ensure jobs in commerce and services and private businesses in the future. Comfortable cities success!


Due the construction of the pedestrian zone, the Association will have more tasks and resposability of over all looks of the city center and of creating the future events. We will urge forward the possibilities for the city center by organizing happenings, themed days and such events.

The most spectacular event is the Opening of the Christmas Season in the begining of the December. About 20 000 North Karelians will come to see the Santa Claus and the Christmas Lights in the city center of Joensuu.

Association takes care of decorating the city center with Christmas Lights at Winter and with the banners and banderoles at Summer. We have almost 300 business and real estate members around the city center.

Supervising Board of the Association 2018

  • Aro Pasi, Kookenkä
  • Ilanmaa Jentta, Karjalan Heili
  • Kekäle Joonas, pj, Kekäle
  • Kivelä Juha, Pohjois-Karjalan Osuuskauppa, PKO
  • Kolehmainen Katja, Pohjois-Karjalan Martat
  • Reimasto-Heiskanen Jaana, Pohjois-Karjalan Osuuspankki
  • Valjus Anne, Kauppakeskus Iso Myy
  • Varonen Ari, Joensuun kaupunki

Accountants 2018

  • HTM, Åkerlund Seppo, Joensuun Tilintarkastus
  • KHT Hartikainen Heikki, Joensuun Tilintarkastus