Joensuu City Center Development Association

Why to join the Association?



  • You will be developing the city center of Joensuu to be more pleasant and attractive trading center.
  • You will effect to the creative and evolving process of cultural events on the pedestrian zone.
  • You can effect to the traffic and parking arrangements in the city center.
  • You will have a sign of Membership ("Jäsenliike" - sticker) on the window.
  • You can have inexpensive ads in Karjalainen's extra, edited by Association.
  • You will know about the events in advance, in order to participate and benefit from them.
  • You reach better results with cooperation.
  • You are informed and You can effect on common issues.
  • Possibility to cooperate with people from other City Center Associations.

Real Estates:

  • Valuable estates are in center.
  • Functionality of the street and the block is important for the estate.
  • Broader visions of developement are reachable throught the Association.
  • Anticipation of the developement and cooperation with businesses and the city is fluent.

Who can join us?

Association is meant for entrepeneurs, private businesses, companies, real estate owners, communities and public facilities working in the center of Joensuu. Everyone, but especially private businesses and real estates in the center are welcome to join our Association in Joensuu. Having a large group with us, makes sure the Association can have results. Christmas lights, flags and banners are part of work, that are visible to all.

What advances the Membership will give You?

  • You can participate to all the positive developement of the city center.
  • You will know what is going on.
  • Effective and productive way to gain information, to have effect and to cooperate.
  • Decoration of the center with banners and Christmas lights are expanded and complemented continuously.
  • Possibility to effect on the developement of culture of events.
  • You can participate to center's marketing events.
  • Right to use Kaupunkikeskusta logo (for example a sticker) on your store window.
  • Cooperating businesses have positive image.
  • Privilige to participate in events and marketing happenenings organized by the association.
  • Participating to common marketing events, for example Opening of the Christmas Season, Night of Arts etc...

Membership fees

Membership fee is determined by the number of full time workers in your business. Part time workers are added up calculatory as full time workers.

If the customer service of the business is located elsewhere than the street level, the membership fee is 50% of the normal fee. Fee is also tiered based on the location of the store.
( Min. membership fee is 50 € )

Workers Basic fee €/Year













over 50


Membership fee based on the store location:

Kartta hinnoista
Area Percentage from the basic fee
in the heart of the city: 100
center area: 75
outer district: 50

Real Estates:

Membership fee is based on obtaining Christmas Lights and sustaining the annual tradition. Membership fee is 1100 € / estate, but max. of 2200 € for the same owner of the estate.


100 € / Year

Support member fee:

1500 € / Year

Become a Member